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2012 Summer Power Fest Breakdown

Now that the spray tan and chalk have setteled I would like to recap the USAPL Summer Power Fest 2012. This year we had 93 participants, half of which came in after the deadline. We had several first time lifters, and several elite lifters. The raw lifters dominated the show with 63 raw individual records set, compared to 7 equipped. Our T-shirt was a big hit. Just in case you missed the explanation, we feature a lifter from the group that trains with us that did really well during the past year. This year we chose Charlie Turco! It was a well deserved honor. After years of going to the IPF Masters Bench Press Worlds, Charlie reached his goal of becoming an IPF World Champion. The Spring Fitness gang loves to joke about a black and yellow striped singlet that did not leave much to the imagination. It has been lovingly dubbed the bumble bee singlet. So the lifter on the shirt benching is Charlie’s profile and the bumble on top is in reference to the singlet. Lets hope it stays in his gym bag. 🙂

While check-ins on Friday night went well, Saturday morning started on the wrong foot, when the Sports complex opened 2 hours late, this put us behind in the set up of the weigh-ins and paper work organization. Due to the quick work of our excellent friends and volunteers the weigh-in room was set up in record time. With a looming deadline of 4:30 PM to finish lifting, hand out awards, and tear down, we decided to run 3 platforms. This would take a lot of volunteers to staff all 3 platforms and we had more support than I could imagine! Our judges came from as far away as New Mexico and Oklahoma, The Vice President of the USAPL, Johnny Graham, was so helpful and gave a great speech to all our members. We certified 6 new state refrees and I made some new best friends in the drug testing process.

Our sponsors could not have been more amazing! TITAN Support Systems our title sponsor decked out our spotter loaders with TITAN T-shirts as well as some amazing Best Lifter Awards. Each Best Lifter recieved a certificate for new TITAN gear (the best gear in world) and of course the always popular iPods. Katie’s Seafood Market has been a long supporter of the Summer Power Fest thanks to the owner Nick Guitterez; an LSU Powerlifting Alumni and good friend. If you are ever in the Galvaston area and want some of the freshest fish in the world stop by Katie’s Seafood Market you can look them up at Special thanks to our newest sponsor Select Pysical Therapy! They help you recover faster from those nagging injuries that we all suffer from time to time. They have a hotline xxx-xxx-xxxx give them a call with any sports related injuries you may have. A HUGE THANK YOU to the HARDEST WORKING sponsor of the meet Texas Strength Systems. I mean that literally, the newly wed couple Wes and Molly Zunker brought the entire warm-up room with them from San Antonio, they set it up and also worked the meet the entire day. I can’t thank them enough for all their support! If you ever host a meet and need equipment give Texas Strength Sytems a call or visit their website at


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