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2019 USA Powerlifting Summer Power Fest Lifting Info

Howdy everyone…

This message concerns how the competition is being organized. We will have 5 platforms with 3 flights on each flight. If you have been to a powerlifting meet in the past, you know that platforms are usually numbered. This year, we have sponsors for each platform. The platforms will be as follows:

  1. Select Physical Therapy –
  2. Texas Strength Systems –
  3. Warriors Wanted (US Army) –
  4. Sandoval Strength Systems –
  5. Go Army (US Army) –

The flight breakdown can be viewed here:

Please note that the flight you are assigned to now may change if you do not make weight.

Please note that we will have 5 minute breaks on each platform between events to give our spotters/loaders and referees a chance to get up, stretch, use the facilities, etc.

Still have questions? Let me know.


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