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USAPL Texas State Chair

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Christy Newman – Cardella

She began powerlifting in 1993 at Tioga High School in Louisiana.  She went on to compete for the Louisiana Tech Iron Dogs and won 2 Colligate National Championships, as well as being apart of the ’98,’99,and ’00 Jr. World Teams.  After graduating with a degree in photography, she went on to compete in the Bench Press Nationals and won several Bench Press National Titles as well as being apart of several Bench Press World Teams.  In 2004, 2007, 2010 Christy won the IPF Bench Press Worlds as well as broke the World Record in the 75kilo weight class twice.  Christy currently is a Stay at home Mom, is married to ’07 IPF World Champion Tony Cardella, and they have 2 beautiful children together.  They have 2 dogs and she enjoys sports photography and has her own website

As the Texas State Chair her responsibilities include fostering national and international amateur, drug-free powerlifting competitions, to develop, promote and regulate the sport, organize officials, present seminars and instruction for powerlifters and officials, maintain state records, publish a social media, and otherwise encourage the growth of the sport of amateur, drug-free powerlifting.”

Christy Newman
P: 281-785-6310

USAPL Texas Record Keeper

Tony Cardella

Since his time at Texas A&M in the latter half of the 90’s, winning 3 collegiate National Titles,Tony Cardella has become a household name in powerlifting. While at A&M, Tony not only lifted, but also led the organization as both President and Coach. He has multiple Collegiate and Junior National Championships, he was Open National Champion in 2001 and from 2003 to 2007, and he represented Team USA at IPF Worlds from 1998 to 2007. In 2007, hewon the IPF World Championship, becoming the first American to win the 275-lb class since Kirk Karwoski in 1996.  He now trains in Conroe, TX, and keeps a close association with the A&M team.  Tony is married to the Texas State Chair Christy Cardella they have 2 children and 2 dogs and live in Conroe TX.  He has served as a member of the USAPL executive committee and is the webmaster for the first powerlifting forum ever, as well as the USAPL and USAPL Texas websites.  Tony is a software developer for Infusion.

As the Records Keeper Tony goes to the national database and updates the records please email him with any questions or inaccuracy’s you may find.

Tony Cardella
PO Box 7886
Spring, TX 77387-7886
P: 832-326-6179


USAPL Texas Referees Manager


Jennifer Kroken

Jennifer began powerlifting in 2010 at age 36 and verybriefly held TX records in all lifts and total and qualified for andcompeted in the Arnold Sports Festival her first 3 years competing in theUSAPL.  Her most recent accomplishmentwas being selected for the 2014 Raw World team in South Africa where she earned agold in squat and a silver overall. Jennifer has an undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexicoin criminology and received her MBA from Upper Iowa University in 2004 with anemphasis in Quality Management.  Sheworks as a radiology business consultant in Dallas, TX.

As the Referees Manager Jennifer keeps track of all the judges certifications in the state of Texas.  She recruits and tests new judges as well as encourages seasoned judges to take the next step and get their National certification.  If you are interested in becoming a Referee please contact Jen and she will give you all the details.

Jennifer Kroken


USAPL Texas Colligate Manager (open)

As the Colligate Manager you would keep up with all the colleges that offer powerlifting programs information.   Stay in contact with the leaders of the colleges and make sure our high school kids have access to all the information they need to decide where to go and who to talk to.  Be the liaison for the Colleges at most of our local powerlifting meets with a booth and the latest information to handout.  If you see her at your local meet be sure to stop by and say Hi.

USAPL Texas Email Manager


Tommy Janusz

Tommy Janusz lives in San Angelo, Texas and is the head coach of the Ram Powerlifting team at Angelo State University and is the co-owner of a gym, The Bar Athletic Club. He has been involved with USA Powerlifting since 2007 getting started with collegiate powerlifting and is still involved today competing and coaching. Tommy earned his Masters in Coaching, Sport, Recreation, & Fitness Administration as well as a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Angelo State University and is a current USAPL Senior National Level Coach.
As the Email manager Tommy answers all your questions.  From broad ranges of whats a good bench for me to how do I enter a meet.  Drop him a line if you have any questions.Tommy Janusz


USAPL Texas Worlds Team Committee

This Committee is made up of several members and has a private Facebook page to discuss fundraising opportunities and distribution of the funds raised.  Making a World team is a great honor and can be very expensive and we don’t want anyone not going because funds were a factor.  This position requires working with others, and attending powerlifting meets to supervise fundraising.

Please drop me a line if this position interests you.


USAPL Texas Meets Promoter/Media Manager 

Currently vacant.  Please drop me a line if this position interests you.

This will be someone who has time to travel or travel for there job and will promote USAPL Texas local meets to all gyms in the area, and make and keep gym contacts.  They will also keep our Media presence up to date through twitter and Facebook, and whatever new social media comes next.


USAPL Texas Coaching Certification Manager

Currently vacant.  Please drop me a line if this position interests you.

This will be someone who has time to coordinate Coaching clinics at all of our local, and national events.  It will involve being present at all the clinics and making sure they run smoothly, also promoting the clinic and finding coaches for the events.  This position will be open to what you make it to be.


USAPL Texas Team Coach

Currently vacant.  Please drop me a line if this position interests you.

This will be someone who travels to all National meets of every kind and coordinates the team for Texas.  Responsibilities include making sure all fees are paid, rosters are turned in on time, and recruiting people for the team.  Making sure points are scored and that all Texas lifters have coaching support.



USA Powerlifting State Referees

Ian Bell
Donna Bryant
Paulette Calhoun
Rhonda Clark
Jade Dickens
Andre Gholson
Mike Hafenbrack
Daniel Howsmon
Debra Jackson
Molly Jaeger
Gloria Koepke-Mendez
Rebekah Lair
Rowena Lopez
Antwine McFarland
David Mills
Hector Munoz
Thomas North
Gary Pamplin
Sandra Sebastian
Ennis White
Al Wood
Duane Young

USA Powerlifting National Referees

  • Malinda Baum
    Kim Beckwith
    Gene Bell Jr
    Tony Cardella
    Tony Hambric
    Jim Klostergaard
    Robert Mullener
    Christy Cardella
    Charlie Turco Jr
    Jim Yakubousky
    Wes Zunker

International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Referees

  • Terry Brady (II)
  • Johnny Graham (I)
  • Lanette Lopez (II)
  • Curt St. Romain (II)

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