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Arnold Film Festival 2011

If anyone has any ideas or stories for Jim please shoot him an email.  this could be a fun project for a young budding film director.  See below
Got a question to ask you.  As you may remember,12 years ago I produced a video for the USAPL to use as a supplement to their application to the IOC for Olympic Acceptance.  As it turns out, the WORLD GAMES was the result. Recently, I have been ask to compile a new video, which can be used in the new ARNOLD FILM FESTIVAL-2011.
Tentative plans are to re-configure the POWERLIFTING 2000 video to present day status.  OR…..perhaps we will start from scratch and build a new piece.  Awaiting Larry Maile’s return from P.R. and discussions will continue .
Spent a good research day over on the U. of Texas campus, with Dr Terry Todd & Jan over at the new STARK CENTER for the study of physical culture and strength sport history.  I encourage each of you to take a look at the site, <> , it’s a real top notch research center for those of us who have been bitten by the iron bug.
You guys, along with so many others, have my highest respect. Why?  Cause you did it right.(overnight success,right? It only took 10+years!)  What I am asking, as I’m in the very early stages, is that you guys keep your eyes,ears,etc. open for footage about yourselves. Particularly with regard to The WORLD GAMES, ARNOLD SF, etc. Also, footage from WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Or contacts for these materials.  If we go the route of a new video piece, I want you guys to be a part of it.  I’m hoping our combined efforts will produce something special.
Talk soon.
Jim Ford

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