USA Powerlifting Texas


Brian ” The SHARK” Kline

Just returned from Palm Springs California after competing in the USA Powerlifting Bench Press Nationals. It was a beautiful venue at the Renaissance Hotel, they had a very large convention center. It was a two day event and I lifted Sunday morning. I weighed in at 92.8 Kilo’s which is 204.6 pounds, the limit is 93 kilo’s so I was less than a half a pound under, which is exactly what you want to do. There were 18 total lifters in the 93 class, and I was ultimately up against 2 or 3 lifters, but there was one lifter I had to pay particular attention to, because he was 59 and turning 60 next year, so he was also competing for a World Master team slot.
You get three attempts in the meet and you can start anywhere you want, but if you miss you can stay the same or go up, but not pick lower weight. And if you don’t make at least one lift you are out of the meet. I started off with the most I ever made in a USAPL meet which was 175 kilo’s or 385.8, it went really well and three white lights…. My competition started lighter but took 177.5 kilo’s or 391.3 on his second lift and made it so my coaches had me go for 180 kilo’s or 396.8, which was a personal record, and I made that also with three white lights…. Next he took 185 kilo’s or 407.8, and he missed it so I already won, but wasn’t finished so again my coaches took me to 185.5 or 408.9 for a new National meet record, and new American record which was 12 years old. We adjusted my equipment, and the weight felt light brining it down, but when I touched my chest I was too far towards my head and blew it off my chest as my feet slipped on the blocks I was resting, my feet on, so it was NO lift. But it is very doable. I was happy where I ended up because I set a personal record, and being 62 next month with all the health issues also lifting almost 40 years, I will take that every time.
This win qualified me to lift on the USA team next April in Prague, Czech Republic which I already accepted, and was invited to lift in the Pan American games in Denver Nov 15-17… Anytime you can wear your countries uniform and compete for it, it is the best feeling in the world….

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