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2011 IPF Master Bench World Championship by Brian Kline

2011 IPF Master Bench World Championship


My name is Brian Kline, and some know me by my nickname “Sharkman”.  I have been competing since 1973, but I started lifting in 1963, when I learned how to bench press.  I am 60 years old, born in 1950.

I competed in full meets until a few years ago, my best lifts in competition were 560-413-552.5-1465.  These were done in 2005. I started having arthritis in my hips and back, so to stay involved in the sport I decided just to compete in the bench press.

I also have an extensive medical history including 3 heart attacks, quadruple by-pass, a stent placed, having my appendix burst twice (should have come out the first time).  This week was a cyst removed from my upper jaw, and a bone graft taken from my hip to replace the bone.  You can see I have not had much luck when it comes to health issues.

But, I still compete and was just before my last heart attack I won bench nationals in Virginia in 2010, I couldn’t figure out why I was so weak, but found out a month later my four grafts from my bypass were completely blocked.  Winning the nationals I was chosen to represent the USA Team for the 2011 IPF Master Bench World Championships inRodby,Denmark.

So I leftHoustonWednesday April 13th, and after two planes, two trains, and a bus we arrived in Rodby 27 hours later.  That was Thursday night their time, and I was lifting Friday afternoon.  Everyone told me I should go earlier to recover, but I wasn’t going to go over there alone with my medical history so I traveled with two friends, one a PhD and the other an MD.  I figured it was much safer that way.

The venue and equipment were amazing, and the whole meet was well organized.  I had 14 competitors, and I was 5th in the nominations.  Everyone asked me could I win, and I said I had a chance.  I weighed in at 90.7 or 200 pounds, because the IPF changed the international weight class limit to 93 kilo’s.

This was my first IPF meet and I was nervous to get my first lift in.  I started with 170 kilo’s or 374.7 pounds.  That went pretty easy and I was 4th now.  So I went to 175 kilo’s or 385.8 on my second attempt.  I get set wait for the press command, and for some reason the spotters grabbed the bar…  The coach protested, and I got s relift at the end of the round, but only had a few minutes rest.  The weight came up easy again…..  This took me to third.  Then the last round came, and I had to wait until I saw what the other lifters made, because I was going to go for the win.  It ended up that the first two places were 180 kilo’s or 396…  They were both lighter than me, so if I tied then, i would still be third, so I went to 182.5 kilo’s or 402.3 pounds.  I pulled my shirt down a little this time, and it seemed it took forever to get it to touch my chest.  Once I got the press command I exploded off my chest and right at the top it stalled, and couldn’t finish.  Who knows if I didn’t have to repeat second attempt, and getting a larger rest I might have made it.  I still know that I tried my hardest and left everything on the platform, so I had to settle for fourth which gave my team 7 points.

This Monday it starts all over again, and I am training for Bench Nationals inOrlandoFloridathis September.  And if I am good enough to win, I will make the trip for Bench Master Worlds inSouth Africain 2012.

I must thank ALL my training partners at Spring Fitness, for helping me live my dreams, because without them I would be nothing.  I am super determined to win next year, and as long as I can keep my health in check I have a chance to do it.

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