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Charlie Turco

Texas Champion Profile

Full Name: Charlie Turco
Divisions Competed In: Masters M1,M2,M3
Hometown: Houston
Training Facility: Spring Fitness
Years Training: 36
Years Competing: 36
Occupation: Sales and Marketing
Best Lifts: 100kg Weight Masters Class M1   601lb. Squat, 601lb. DL M3 524lb. Bench, @ 67.5kg Junior Div. 525lb. DL

1.     Why did you start lifting? I enjoyed it in High School and was blessed with a good bench at a light body weight of 142lbs. I was mentored by a crazy champion named Paul Boutte.

2.    Do you remember the day you decided to try Powerlifting? Yes, June 1974 when I walked into the Downtown YMCA Beaumont, Texas and saw Paul Boutte doing squats and dead lifting.

3.    Who is the person or persons you look up to most? Tony Cardella, Wade Hooper, Ed Coan, Christy Newman (My Hero).

4.    Who helped you get started? Paul Boutte

5.    Do you have any advice for future lifters? Stay away from steroids, there is no quick fix, it takes hard work, don’t worry about maxing out, build up your CORE STRENGTH first.

6.    What other sports have you participated in over the years, and how have they, if any, helped you in powerlifting? Played TORSO 30 and over Soccer. All it did was help me tear a hamstring. It was good cardio though!!

7.    How do you like your equipment? Tight or Loose It’s gotta be tight to be good!!

8.    What has been your biggest struggle and how have you over come it? Three bad discs in my back (one bulge, one tear and one compressed to 1/3 normal height).

9.    What is the craziest thing you have ever seen in powerlifting? Billy Ferguson opening up with an 814lb. squat at the Longhorn Open and his arm breaking in two with a compound fracture, he went to the hospital and made it back to the meet before it was over!!

10. What is your cant live without piece of gear? Wrist Wraps (I have broken both wrists all the way).

11. How long have you been lifting? 36 Years Just ask Christy Newman !!

12. What does the future hold for your powerlifting career? Hopefully a Masters World Record and beating Mike Bridges Bench in a head to head competition!!

13. Who is your biggest
        a.    Fan – Bill Eaton
b.    Supporter- Randy Earl and Steve Rosenberg
c.    Mentor- Tony Cardella
d.    Coach-Wade Hooper
e.    Idol- Mike Bridges
f.     Inspiration- Jeff Snyder

14. What type of injuries have you had and how have you overcome them? Back injuries, and yes kinda, not sure if I will ever be able to do 3 lifts but it is not out of the question!!

15.  Are there any lessons that powerlifting has taught you? Patience, Patience and listen to advice , always do every lift like your in a meet.

16. What is your most memorable moment in powerlifting? (2) Maters national 1997 out squatted Jim Cash as a 220 with a 601lb. Squat and took 3rd. Also the Bronze Medal at Masters Worlds 2008 Slovakia!

17. Please tell us your powerlifting history. Started lifting in June 1974 @ 145lb. and in 4 months after starting broke the Texas Teenage 148 DL record of 415 set it at 440 and broke it 5 times in the next 18 months. Last meet as a teenager set it at 490lbs. 1998 ruptured my back and took off 18 months of squatting and dead lifting, kept benching and set a new WABDL Masters 220lb. bench record at 402lbs. Started in USAPL  2003 and won my first Bench Nationals in 2004 and have won it  5 out of the last 6 years and have made the Masters Bench World Team 5 out of the last 6 years. Have set 3 National Meet Records in the Masters Bench and 4 Masters American Records. Currently hold the M3 Masters Bench American Record with a 524lb. Bench!!

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