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Drug Testing Information

Please realize that you as a lifter are entirely responsible for whatever you put into your body. We do not want to see lifters taking legal, over the counter supplements that contain WADA/USAPL banned substances that will cause a positive drug test and receive a suspension from our organization.  Please take the responsibility to educate yourself. Ask if you are not sure.

George Bartotti
3833 Deerfield Dr
Jackson, MI 49203
P: 517-750-3383

Cathy Marksteiner
5575 Raven Valley Dr.
Liberty Twp, OH 45011
P: 513-755-6878

Mark W Rodacker, MD Ph.D.
9701 Hwy 10 East
Bismarck, ND 58504
P: 701-323-5481 (Med Center One)
C: 701-426-6954

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  1. I’m not sure what muscle tech is but the best way to see if its ok to take it is to go to and click on drug search. then type in each ingrediant and see if they are ok. Also there is a phone number on the page to call. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY IS CLEAN. I’m not a huge fan of supplements like muscel tech and what not because the industry is not regulated by the FDA and they do not allways list all the active ingredients so it’s impossible to know for sure. there is a lot of great information and links in this section of the website. I would suggest reading it all thourghly.