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Athlete Drug Reference Online

Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO) provides easily accessible and accurate information on the status of specific pharmaceutical products for use by the UK, Canada and USA athletes. Some over-the- counter medicinal products are also included in the database.

The status of the pharmaceuticals reflects the current WADA Prohibited List and applies ONLY to the formulations used in your specified country.  Formulations of medications sold overseas MAY be different. If Global DRO shows a medications is prohibited you might be able to use this medication after the approval of a TUE.

This is a great resource to take to with you when visiting the Dr. for illness or injury.  It is YOUR responsiblity to make sure that you are clean.  DO NOT assume that a Dr. know what is and what is not allowed.  Always keep track of the medications given to you by a Dr. or anyone else.

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