USA Powerlifting Texas


Getting Started – Part 1

So you’ve decided that you want to become a powerlifter? Good choice. Powerlifting is an excellent sport to be in.

Find a Meet

Before you can actually compete in a competition, you’ll need to pick a competition to do. Upcoming USA Powerlifting sanctioned competitions are available on the USA Powerlifting Calendar as well as the USA Powerlifting Texas websites. You will usually select a competition that is about 9-10 weeks away. That way you have time to get a good training cycle in. If this is your first competition, you should look for a local level competition. National and international competitions all have qualification requirements so don’t worry about any meets on those levels. You need a good local competition to get your feet wet.

Getting a USA Powerlifting Membership Card

You will need to be a current member in good standing with USA Powerlifting before you can compete. With some recent procedural changes, meet directors are requiring a USA Powerlifting Membership Card at the time of registration. For the high schoolers out there, you can get your membership cheaper. So make sure you select high school when purchasing a card. Remember, USA Powerlifting memberships expire at the end of the current year unless you purchased your membership in November or December. If you have a high school only membership, you’ll need to make sure it hasn’t expired. If it has expired, you can upgrade your membership to a full year for a few extra bucks.

Registering For a Competition

Now that you’ve picked the competition here are somethings to make sure of.

  1. Has the entry deadline for the competition passed? If so, you may not be allowed to enter or you will have to pay what’s called a late entry fee.
  2. Does the competition have the type of division that I want to compete in? Are you a bench press only or deadlift only athlete? Better make sure that those types of divisions are available. Usually, competitions here in Texas include powerlifting, bench press only, deadlift only, and push-pull. They are available in equipped or raw divisions.

What do I do if I have questions?

If you have questions, you can contact the meet director and they will be able to answer your questions for you.

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