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Current Records

Retired Records


State Records:

Q: Who keeps and posts state records?
A: Individual State Chairs maintain their state records (see individual links for each state on the USA Powerlifting Website under LINKS)., Texas State records are maintained by Tim Lamando.  After he recieves the completed paper work from the meet director, he then updates the records.

Q: What are the requirements to set a state record?
A: Any current USA Powerlifting member can set a state record for the state that he/she has listed as their state of residence on their current USA Powerlifting card. Other requirements include filling out the state record form, making sure the meet director signs it and turns it in to Charlie Turco.  All meet directors should have a current copy of the state records and state record form available at the meet.

Q: How can I contact my state chair for more information regarding state records?
A: The USA Powerlifting website has listed all the state chairs and there contact information for your convenience at,

Christy Newman
PO Box 7886
Spring, TX 77387-7886
P: 281-785-6310

World Records

National Meet Records

National Meet Records represent the best lifts performed at the respective National meets and, as such, can only be broken at those meets. American records, however, can be broken at any USA Powerlifting competition where the appropriate referees are present to judge the lifts.For National Records, please send all questions/corrections to

National Meet Records:

Q: Where can National records be set for the following:

  • Collegiate
  • High School
  • Military
  • Police/Fire
  • Bench Only
  • Squat Only
  • Men’s National
  • Woman’s National
  • Masters National

A: At the respective National Meets held for the Individual Divisions listed above. For example: Women’s National Meet Records can only be broken at Women’s Nationals which is held once a year.

Q: Can I set Collegiate, High School, Military, Police and Fire National Records at Bench Nationals, Squat Nationals , etc; ?
A: Yes but only for that respective meet and if those records are currently being kept. For Example: At Bench Press Nationals you may set the Collegiate Bench Press Nationals Records.

Q: When will the results be posted?
A:Meet results must be submitted by the meet director along with any additional paper work (i.e. record forms, and drug testing paper work) to the National office. They have 30 days to submit the appropriate paper work.
Once paper work is logged by the National office all forms and records are submitted to me for posting.
After checking and verification that all paper work is valid and all requirements are met, I will post the updated records on the website. (
Records will be in a pending status until results of any drug tests from the meet have been confirmed and returned.

American Records

For American Records, please send all questions/corrections to

American Records:

Q: Where can I set American Records?
A: Any Local, National, or IPF Sanctioned Meet with the following guidelines:

Local Meets:

  • Must be sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and have a sanction number assigned.
  • American Record Application must be filled out and include:
    • Signatures from all 3 Judges with a National or Higher certification.
    • Meet Sanction Documentation
    • Copy of driver’s license or birth certificate where applicable. ( to confirm age of lifter)
    • Scale Certification
    • Copy of Meet Score Sheet.
    • Drug Testing Paperwork where applicable.
    • Meet Directors should have ALL the above documentation in their meet package.
      Records will be in a pending status until results of any drug tests from the meet is returned.

    National / IPF World Meets:

  • Meet results will be used to award records.
  • Records will be in a pending status until results of any drug tests are returned.
  • No American Record Application is required.

Q: How can I obtain a Certificate of my Record?
A: You can Notify in writing USA Powerlifting National Headquarters and include all the information regarding your record along with a check for $5/ Record. After your record has been accepted and is no longer in a pending status, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

National Rankings



Thank you for your support of the new rankings database. In order to serve you better, please read this FAQ document before contacting us with questions or concerns.

Q. Why isn’t my lift listed?
A. We are still entering some meets for 2008. Most major meets have been entered. Be patient we will let everyone know when we are done entering all meets for 2008. At which point if the meet you lifting in is still not entered email us the results from that meet, or a link to where the results can be viewed. 2009 is just in the beginning stage
of data entry. Again we will make an announcement when data entry for 2009 is complete.

Q. The meet I lifted in is in the system but my result isn’t listed?
A. Email us and we will look into it. Most likely you were missed during data entry.

Q. Why is it taking so long to get meets in the system?
A. In the past meet results were not submitted in a standard format. These must be entered by hand by volunteers, which can take a long time. In the future meet directors will have standard forms to submit that will greatly increase the speed which meets are entered into the system.

Q. The lift (insert lift here) has the wrong numbers.
A. Email us and we will double check the submitted results. If the results match the number we have already entered, you will need to contact the meet director.

Q. I saw some negative wilks numbers. How can that be?
A. In some cases meet directors did not supply a body weight for the lifters. In these cases the highest body weight possible for the lifter’s weight class was used. For SHW 999lbs was used. This can cause some unusual wilks numbers.

Q. The wilks numbers all seem to high?
A. You are probably expecting to see them based off a KG total. Choose “KG” from the Display Units option.

Q. My name is misspelled, my divisions are listed as the wrong gender?
A. Email us and we will get this fixed for you.

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