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Selection of USAPL Teams Entering 2012 IPF Classics Powerlifti​ng World Cup (unequippe​d)

What you find below is the qualifying procedure that has been approved by the EC for the 2012  IPF Classic​s Powerlifti​ng World Cup (unequippe​d) in Stockholm, Sweden. Please direct any questions back to me at this email address and they will be forwarded to the EC.
Angela Simons
USA Powerlifting Secretary

Selection of USAPL Teams Entering 2012 IPF Classics Powerlifti​ng World Cup (unequippe​d)

In order to be considered for the USAPL Teams (Men’s and Women’s) for the 2012 IPF Classics Powerlifting World Cup (unequipped) an athlete MUST first meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Compete at the 2011 Raw Nationals in Scranton PA 19 – 21 August
  2. Compete as an OPEN lifter at this meet
  3. Win their weight class at this meet

Primary Selection Process:

National champions will be crowned in each USAPL weight class. The selection of the members of the2012 IPF Classics Powerlifti​ng World Cup Team will be based on a rank order of these open men’s and women’s national champions. This ranking will be done using Wilks points. The lifters with the highest rank and therefore the greatest number of Wilks points will be chosen for the team with no more than 2 lifters in any one class. Since the IPF now recognizes two fewer weight classes than the traditional format (which will be used at the 2011 Raw Nationals), this means that the two national champions with the lowest Wilks scores (among all of the open national champions) will not be guaranteed a spot on the world team.

Team Coaches will decide which IPF weight class they wish to nominate a lifter for based on Wilks points and actual body weight, with no more than 2 lifters per class.  If a lifter decides not to accept the nomination in the offered class, his/her slot will be offered to the alternates eligible for that class based on Wilks points.

Alternates for the 2012 Classics Powerlifti​ng World Cup Team:

The top ranked alternates will be those national champions that were not selected after which alternates will be selected using Wilks points. Per IPF rules, no team can have more than 2 lifters in any one class.


Since the USAPL has elected to retain the weight classes currently in place which are greater in number than the IPF will have at Worlds we will not be able create a team which consists of each of the national champions. Some selection criteria must be set. The process outlined guarantees that those first selected for the team are national champions and further aids in the formation of a more competitive team.

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