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Special Olympics Texas is getting ready for the 2012 Winter Games running February 9th to 12th.  The sports highlighted at Winter Games are bowling, figure skating, powerlifting, table tennis and volleyball.   

Please, keep in mind that returning your response form does not confirm that you have a place on the key volunteer roster for Winter Games.  Once we have received all the responses, we will make a final assessment of all applicants based on available space and venue needs. 

KEY VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS Key Volunteers are required to be available to volunteer all days of the competition. If you are free for only select days please do not register as a key volunteer, but we would appreciate your help as a day of event volunteer. Additionally, all key volunteers are required to be up to date on all Class A volunteer requirements. If you have not done these requirements or if you believe yours have expired please click on the link below. Remember, General Orientation needs to be done only once while Protective Behaviors and the Class A Volunteer Application must be renewed every three years.

Please scan and email all updated Class A forms to:; or fax to: 512-835-7756 

All three requirements can be accessed from the SOTX Volunteer Page 

SIGNING UP The online Key Volunteer Response form is up and running for Winter Games, so to let us know that you are interested and available, simply CLICK HERE or cut and paste the following address into your web browser’s address bar:  

Your form must be submitted by January 13th. If you have problems using the form, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

HOUSING INFO We will be staying at the Hyatt Place located at 7522 N IH-35, Austin 78752, just behind the Chapter office of SOTX. Two people will be housed per room as we have done in the past. As for housing requests, the roommate preferences are used when people request each other.  When no roommate preferences are listed, we look for other volunteers close to your age group, then your area, then your region, then anyone. It is possible for you to request a room to yourself if you are willing to cover half of your housing costs yourself and there are enough rooms available to accommodate our needs. 

To ensure their attendance, some key volunteers have offered to pay for their own housing expenses within our block to allow more folks to attend Winter Games as a key volunteer.  Our cost will be roughly $114 per night per room, so the average three night key volunteer cost adds up to $171 if you have a roommate and $342 if you request to room alone. This definitely is not mandatory, but it is certainly welcome if you are interested.  To indicate your decision to cover your own housing expenses simply make a note within the comments section of the key volunteer response form regarding your desire to cover your own housing expenses. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: No one under the age of 18 will be considered a key volunteer or be roomed in key volunteer housing.  If a parent wants to be a key volunteer, another adult must bring any child to volunteer as a day of event volunteer.  The second adult and the child are on their own for housing – SOTX will not cover the expenses.  Please know this is not meant to penalize anyone – it is because of safety and liability reasons, so there are no exceptions. 

FRIENDS & FAMILY – KEY VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT If you have friends or family members who are interested in volunteering as a key volunteer at Winter Games, feel free to forward them the link to the key volunteer response form.  You are responsible for making sure the person you are recruiting 1) already has experience volunteering at area level events, and 2) writes his/her connection to you in the comments field – “I am Sam Smith’s college roommate” or “I am Jane Doe’s brother-in-law”. 

We appreciate your continued involvement of Special Olympics Texas.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Judy Yoshimaru at or 800/876-5646 x 2947. 

Don’t forget to submit your form by January 13th!   

We will be contacting you with your Games assignment in late January but in the meantime, you can check our website for more information about Winter Games and other SOTX competitions, trainings, and events.  

Thanks so much for being involved,

Judy Yoshimaru
Director of Volunteer Services
Special Olympics Texas

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