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State Refrees Test

To all those that are intrested in taking the USAPL State Refs test at the
Summer Power Fest 2012
Spring TX.
July 14th 2012

Here are the details:
The Test is a 2 parter. I will give the written exam on Friday the night before the meet and then the practical at the meet.

  • The testing room will be designated at the meet site. Please go to the meet site and ask to be directed to the testing room.
  • I will start the test around 5:00 and give a 30 minute “how to administer a drug test” presentation. As part of your duties of being a judge you will be asked from time to time to administer and observe Drug testing in competition and out of meet testing. This is a VERY important part of the USAPL’s belief system and as a refree it is your duty to uphold and maintain those ideals that we all compete for.
  • The test is an open book test BUT it takes a really long time to take it because even if you know the answers you still have to look them up in the book b/c they want you to denote the page number and paragraph that the answer was found on for every question. I suggest you read the rules online before hand at This ensures that the rules have been read thoroughly.
  • I will provide a copy of the rulebook and the test for each person taking the test.
  • When I say it takes awhile I mean at least a few hours. So starting at 5:00 is crucial to getting out at a descent hour.
  • The practicum is sitting beside a national or higher ref. while they are judging and seeing if you agree with their calls. We have to have enough lifters to judge 34 squats, 33 benches and 33 deadlifts and missed due to gravity lifts don’t count.
  • The requirements for the test are:

 USAPL State Referee
State officiating tests are administered by the USAPL State Chairperson, upon request. They are evaluated by the appointed member of the Referee’s Committee. Requirements for taking the state Referee test are:

  1. Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Candidates must be current members of the USA Powerlifting. Registration cards must be presented to the State Chairperson prior to test administration.
  3. Candidates must have approval of their State Chairperson to take the test.
  4. Candidates must be actively involved in the sport of powerlifting for a minimum time period of one year in one of the following capacities: athlete, coach, meet director, or scoring table official.
  5. Candidates must pass the written and practical sections of State Referee’s test. A minimum score of 90% is required on each section. The State referee examination is an open book test.
  6. When necessary, re-test arrangements may be made after a minimum of six months following the previous test date.

I hope that every one will show up on time and do well. Please drop me a line and let me know that you are coming, thanks.

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