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This year the state meet was held in San Antonio Texas. We had 75 lifters total. This year meet director Willie Mastin made his return to the USAPL Meet Directing scene. Despite some logistical difficulties with spotter/loaders, everyone came together to put on a fun, exciting, and not to mention record breaking meet.

We had 88 State Records broken! Raw lifting was out in full force, they broke 53 state records alone. Bench Only competitors broke 6 records and the equipped lifters smashed 29 records! Please be sure to check out the records for accuracy and correct spelling of names. Numerous American Records were broken as well.

Several teams showed up this year Bell Power Systems, and a new comer Team Domination. Team Domination had their own interesting story published you can read it here.  I look forward to seeing great things from these young lifters in the future and for years to come.

Thank you to our the sponsor AOA Sports, Inc. and to all the people that stepped up at the last minute to spot and load we could not have a great meet without spotter loaders. Thanks to all the judges that volunteered and did an excellent job I had several comments that the judging was fair and consistent. Tony Cardella our announcer/computer guru kept the meet moving and I could not get through a meet without him.

NEXT YEAR: I am currently accepting bids for next year’s state meet, the entry deadline for this is July 1st. please email me at, your bid describing what you would have to make your meet the best state  meet yet.

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