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Weight Classes for 2011

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Weight Classes for 2011
Good morning, All,

The E.C. had a conference call last night to discuss how to manage the IPF weight class changes as they relate to USAPL. We are concerned that any immediate change will have a serious impact on USAPL and especially at the local level. By the same token, the IPF is changing as of January 1, 2011 and any teams competing at that level (including Regionals) will have to be configured consistent with the new weight classes. Accordingly, we will make some changes upcoming to this year’s NGB meeting and especially given that there are four teams (Master Bench, Sub- and Junior Bench, and Open Bench) that have been selected already using the old classes.

So,for the interim, here is how we will approach this issue:

  1. State and local level competition will continue as always using old weight classes, etc.
  2. National meets will be held using the old weight classes this year.
  3. Anyone who qualified will still be qualified and we will also allow people to qualify in the new classes using totals that are arrived at mathmatically interpolating the old classes.
  4. The existing teams already selected will be reduced to the correct number under IPF rules using the same formulas that were used to select them originally. Essentially, last in, first out.
  5. Teams to be selected for IPF meets that haven’t been selected yet, or which will have upcoming selection meets will be selected using a variant of the Carpino forumula that we will release this week. Dr. Donavan Thompson is working on it. In short, we will have (for example) 10 Men’s Champions. We will pick the top 8 to go to worlds this year by Carpino using the data from the past three worlds. We will adjust them into weight classes as best we are able but the champions will be ranked and selected as above.

Hope this helps. We will be surveying members soon for longer term solutions.


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